Wichita Children's Home
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Art Direction

Will Horn
Copy Writing
Commonality at a human level
The Wichita children’s Home is a non-profit organization that helps kids that need it the most in the Wichita Area. In order to maintain their mission afloat, they rely heavily on the generosity of the community – This mailer plays an integral role in that. 
The conceptual direction for the mailer aims to find common ground between the giver and the receiver through realization that we are all human and have the same fundamental needs. Not only do we need physical items like shelter or clothes but also intangible things like hope, love, and safety. The word search in the mailer brings it all together through an engaging and unexpected experience reinforced with a child like art style. The irregularities and imperfect presentation is intentionally flawed but one can still find it beautiful – like all things on earth.
Wichita, KS
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