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Creating digital sales tools
A digital experience as flexible as the ever-changing food industry and the users who need it.
As a main component of a greater trade show campaign, the website became a virtual platform to display Cargill’s various solutions to their industry’s pain-points. Created with the flexibility to add more content, the site engages users with a virtual narrative from the beginning leading into more detailed content.

The platform serves as an education tool in a variety of scenarios. Sales associates can use it as a utility tool to add to client conversations while individual users can explore the experience independently.
A multi-use product selection tool
Helping users cut through clutter and find the products they want.
This secondary product selection tool complements the website during trade show experiences and direct-to-client sales. The interface features flexible product categories and a tool that allows users to walk away from the experience with a copy of their desired information.

Similar to an e-commerce experience, users can search, gather product information, add products to a collection and send details outside of this experience for continued interest.
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